I grew up watching my mom make
everything from scratch. She likes to
remind me that I used to sit on the counter
and eat raisins as she stirred up a batch of
bread or muffins. When my friends came
over to play, she would have fresh cookies
or doughnuts ready for us to snack on.
My brothers and I still fight over her
coffeecake and cherry pie.


Before my birthday, I would look through
Wilton Yearbooks and pick out the cake
that I wanted her to make for me.
But that wasn’t my only birthday cake.
My grandma also made THE BEST
angel food cake. How many kids are
lucky enough to get TWO homemade
cakes for every birthday?

I still love eating cake and cookies
and just about any sweet confection
that you put in front of me.
But it has to be good,
and it has to be from scratch.
That’s the only way to do it.

In the spring of 2009, I started
FlourGirl Patissier with the hope
that I could pass on the love of really
good food to others. I would love to
bake something for you and watch
the love spread even further.




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